8 - Blended Course Instructions

If you have an existing Red Cross account you can access your online course directly  herelms.redcross.ca

You must complete both the online and in-class components in order to receive your certificate. We recommend the online training should be completed before attending your practical course.  If you do not think you will complete your Red Cross online course before your practical training, please call or email us as soon as possible at 416-524-6083 or info@torontofirstaid.net for next steps

Please click here for detailed instructions with images

IMPORTANT: Please only create your Red Cross account once, otherwise multiple accounts will be created and will cause issues. If you receive a login/sign-up email from Red Cross, please only click it once. If you have already created an account, follow the instructions from Step 7If you receive an email from Red Cross with an invitation to create an account please only click the link once OR follow the instructions below, as clicking "Create an Account" multiple times will lead to issues.


Step 1:  Click here to login OR go to https://myrc.redcross.ca/en/ (We highly recommend using a private/incognito window due to website issues)
Step 2:  In the top right hand corner of the page, click on "SIGN IN / REGISTER" 
Step 3: Select "  Don't have an account" SIGN UP NOW 
Step 4: Enter your email address as provided to Toronto First Aid and click SEND VERIFICATION CODE
Step 5: Check your email and enter the code, then press VERIFY CODE
Step 6: Enter your chosen password and press 'CREATE' and follow from Step 7 onwards


Step 7: Login to your Red Cross Account here:   lms.redcross.ca
Step 8:  On the top left hand side of the page, select MY PROFILE
Step 9:  From the dropdown menu, select MY ONLINE COURSES 
Step 10:  Activate your COURSE 
Step 11:  Enter your COURSE and complete it on your own timeline; you can start and stop as much as you like until you complete the full course.  

Can't Access Your Online Course?

Common issues we have seen include messages such as "Error ID", "Unauthorized Access", "Account Not Found" and "Medical Terminology". If you are experiencing such an issue, Red Cross advises that you try the following:

1. Check that your email address in Red Cross matches the one provided to Toronto First Aid
2. Use a private or incognito window to log in
3. Use a different browser to login  

If you get to this stage and none of the above worksplease send a screenshot of your account issue to info@torontofirstaid.net for next steps. 

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