What is Blended Learning?

Blended programs combine an interactive online course with in-class training

You must successfully complete both the online and the classroom components in order to receive your certificate. Please note that the online course should be completed before attending your in-class training. Your progress will be saved if you start and stop the course at any time. Our standard rescheduling and cancellation policies apply to Blended courses. 

Instructions to Access Red Cross Online Course

Please click here for detailed instructions with images


  • You must create a Red Cross account in order for your Blended online course to be assigned
  • Please use the same email address provided to Toronto First Aid to create your Red Cross account
  • Kindly email us at info@torontofirstaid.net when your account is setup so that we can assign the Blended online course to you
  • We must MANUALLY assign the online course so please allow up to 6 business hours for your online course to appear  


  1. Click here or go to https://myrc.redcross.ca/en/
    (We highly recommend using a private/incognito window due to website issues)
  2. In the top right hand corner of the page, click on "SIGN IN / REGISTER" 
  3. Select "Don't have an account" > SIGN UP NOW 
  4. Enter your email address as provided to Toronto First Aid and click SEND VERIFICATION CODE
  5. Check your email and enter the code, then press VERIFY CODE
  6. Enter your chosen password and press 'CREATE' 


  1. Login to your Red Cross Account
  2. On the top left hand side of the page, select MY PROFILE 
  3. From the dropdown menu, select MY ONLINE COURSES 
  4. Activate your COURSE 
  5. Enter your course and complete it on your own timeline; your progress will be saved if you exit the course at any time

Can't Access Your Online Course?

You must create a Red Cross account in order for your Blended online course to be assigned. If you have created your Red Cross account, please allow until the end of the current business day for your course to be assigned. Otherwise if you wish to access your Blended online course right away, please email us at info@torontofirstaid.net

If you are experiencing an account issue such as "An account with this email already exists" or "Unauthorized Access - Account not found" please send a screenshot of your account issue to info@torontofirstaid.net for next steps.