On Site Training

Not all of our clients can come to us, so we bring our training to you!


This offers you the opportunity to minimize time away from your busy day while benefiting from a program suited directly to your certification or recertification needs.

We provide programs for corporate clients, health care services, retirement homes, community centers, hospitals, day care facilities, churches/temples, schools, universities, offices, conventions and special events.

We are certified with both the Canadian Red Cross and with the Lifesaving Society, and all of our instructors are trained and certified to provide the absolute best training and best experience for you and your team.

We pride ourselves in bringing the best First Aid Training to you. We utilize the latest in interactive teaching tools and techniques customized to suit your specific training needs and situation.

Please contact us below for information/quote for group training and include phone number, group size as well as desired class (or field of work) or call us at 416-524-6083 for more information.