Toronto First Aid Certification Inc. Toronto First Aid Certification Inc. Toronto First Aid Certification Inc.


The following procedures have been put into place to ensure your safety;

  • Participants must register a temperature reading below 37.7ºC or 99.5ºF in order to participate in the training
  • Every participant must fill in the COVID Safety Form upon arrival
  • The studio area and surfaces are being cleaning and disinfected throughout the day
  • Everyone must wear a mask while in our studio
  • All hands-on activities have been modified to limit contact with other participants
  • All equipment will be continuously sanitized as it is used by both students and instructors
  • Hand sanitizer and Personal Protective Equipment must be used throughout the day (gloves, disinfectant, etc.)
  • Please ensure you are maintaining a 2m distance between yourself and anyone else, except for when applicable to practical training.


About Toronto First Aid Inc.

Toronto First Aid Inc. is a Toronto-based provider of first aid courses for both businesses and the general public. Take a look around the site for a look at what we offer.Feel free to contact us at 416-524-6083.