Teaching Experience Supervisor (TES)

Teaching Experience Supervisor (TES)

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This is an online course that takes roughly 1-3 hours to complete. 

Prerequisite: Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor or Youth Leader

Step 1 - Complete your booking for the TES course 
Step 2 - Send your prerequisite certificate to info@torontofirstaid.net 
Step 3 - Complete the online course assigned to your Red Cross profile 
Step 4 - Send your online course completion ticket to info@torontofirstaid.net 

You will then receive your TES certificate via email. 

Canadian Red Cross Teaching Experience Supervisor (TES) 

This program allows existing Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructors and Youth Leaders to develop the skills required to support instructor candidates by mentoring them in their teaching experiences. 

Upon successful completion of the online course, participants will receive a 3 year certification which is automatically renewed when you recertify your First Aid Instructor, Basic Life Support Instructor or Youth Leader certificate. 

In order to register for this course, please follow the steps outlined above.